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He is a ground leveling God {Publishing Update}


Much is going on or shall I say everything is crazy in the working background of Key Word Bible Studies! I am so crazy excited and blessed to be continually amazed in the mercy, grace, and love of the ALMIGHTY! 

Please find below an update as of this mourning at 9 AM but before 12 PM.

I currently live without electricity (1 month) and our water supply will be turned off today.
My husband still lives in Franklin, while I live in the Boro!
I am dressed in pretty pink and white and I spilled coffee on both.
My children live together in an apartment not far from the DD from which I type and drink my morning cup.
I wrote a post or maybe it was a prayer about an old chair on June 3 - 2011.
I walked the Murfreesboro Secret Garden tour on June 4 - 2011.
Although I committed to Read The Bible In 90 Day, I have yet to complete said reading.
When God says seven years or seven days God means seven years or seven days.
Because of the Love of Christ…

Called to work with your own hands: Summer Garden Party Preview

Called to work with your own hands: Summer Preview Party!

WORD WOMAN WEDNESDAY: Get your cup "Full" and "Free" Spring into Summer 2018

According to, the root word “Full” occurs two hundred and sixty-seven times in the King James Version of The Holy Word of our Lord. The first occurrence of the word “Full” is found in the Book of Genesis. The final occurrence of the word “Full” is recorded in the Book of Revelation. Surprisedly the Book of Numbers comes in first place with the use of the word “Full” occurring some twenty-nine times! There are seventy-nine LexiConc entries that match the word “Full” on

Asheritah Ciuciu is the author of Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction and a popular blogger and speaker. Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction is the Summer Study for “New Vision Women’s Summer Online Bible Study Group on FaceBook. Ask to join the FaceBook Study Group and begin to discover why we need a spiritual solution for all of our food problems. 
Oh and check back here each Wednesday this summer as we continue our Free Online Key Word Bible Study of the…

How to Study the Bible and THE 2018 CSB STUDY BIBLE FOR WOMEN


COME EMPTY: The CSB Study Bible For Women, Light Turquoise/Sand Hardcover

COME EMPTY: The CSB Study Bible For Women, Light Turquoise/Sand Hardcover. Working on a Sonya & Friends Review of this beauty. Look for it on Mother's Day!

How To Study The Bible Broadman Press - B&H Publishing Group Circa 1966


National Day of Prayer 2018 in The United States of America


CSB Great and Small Bible (boxed): A Keepsake Bible for Babies

The Great & Small Bible is so much more than A Keepsake Bible for Babies! It's a Memory Book too. That's right! This little hardcover Bible in a Box is also a baby book to record memories. The Baby Book portion of this Bible contains pages to record babies arrival numbers, which are located in the Book of Numbers while other baby numbers and family data is smartly designed within the pages of 2 Samuel. This is the sweetest Baby Bible I have ever seen. The inside case is also brightly designed with stars in varying sizes and heights. And the timeless poem All Creatures Great and Small nicely fill the page following the presentation page. The Book of Jeremiah holds yet another super sweet poem, while creatures great and small dance their way through the text of the Almighty. Any new parent would thoroughly enjoy receiving and recording in this Bible Baby Book.

I received this Bible from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Communing with the Judge of all the earth


The Judge of all the earth speaks to dust and ashes