53 Weeks 53 Key Words 53 Study Guides

New Cover Design (Catalog of HOPE)

Key Word Bible Studies quietly celebrated our Third Anniversary on the 26th day of December and we are super excited to be blessed to continue this journey!

Praise Time IN Tennessee!

The final days of 2019 finds us with more than enough products to fill both our Signature Catalogs and Cases of Hope! 

But, now, it’s time for next steps which will not be broadcast on Social Media! 

Thank You Jesus!

We've spent the better part of 2019 recalibrating or shall I say repositioning our person with the prophecy of Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation. 

Now, that those adjustments have been made, the entirety of this new year will focus on the refinement of plans, processes, policies and procedures of which reality actually finds us with zero.


Please know I am Thankful to GOD Almighty for allowing me to publish, and purchase printing for 68 Key Word Bible Studies this year! Also Know you will likely only see glimpses of the studies via The Good News Sunday Show as we spend the next 53 weeks studying the 53 Key Words in the first chapter of the book of Genesis better known as Genesis 1.



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