She does more than read truth, she studies truth until truth is embedded in her heart, mind & soul

She planted a vineyard of the word of truth in her heart which reignited embers of the word of truth in her soul, now the everlasting sword of truth continues to fan the flames of fire. Not only does the sword of truth fan flames and create soul burning fires but it also cuts out and cuts down all the kudzu the lies the enemy tried to use to create an unclean mind. She plants a vineyard of truth in her heart which is mind cleansing! Her spirit is renewed by rightly dividing the constant and continuous word of truth. (Repost from 1/20/18)

The KWBS curriculum exists to study, serve, share and sustain women with The Holy Word of God! We help sustain women by employing them contractually to sell our products through Catalogs and Cases, which we have titled Catalog and Cases of Hope. According to our Business Plan our SALES FORCE will be in place with boots on the ground by Thanksgiving of 2020. 

Praise Time In Tennessee, a new day has dawned!

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