Twenty One Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Seamlessly experience 90 Days Through The Word!

Twenty One Tips, Tricks and Techniques to seamlessly experience 90 Days Through The Word!

  1. Make a commitment to read through the Word in 90 Days
  2. Before you read, pray.
  3. Memorize a verse for this reading season.
  4. Make the time extra special, light a candle
  5. Prepare a place to read through the Word.
  6. Tithe at least one hour toward reading through the Word
  7. Extend yourself grace. 
  8. Plan on getting drowsy as soon as you start reading.
  9. Read at each meal time.
  10. If you get tired of reading LISTEN
  11. Set a reminder on your phone.
  12. Listen along while you read.
  13. Set your goal and then beat it.
  14. Stay committed and manage time.
  15. Have a great attitude and get into it. 
  16. Read normally.
  17. Take notes only if you need to.
  18. Look for an overarching theme while reading.
  19. Get the whole view in a short period of time before diving in deep.
  20. Use whatever translation you have.
  21. Write out Scripture that stands out to you or you want to remember.