Social Media Sabbatical


From My June 2, Facebook Post

Today, I’m Joyfully super THANKFUL for over the river and through the woods kind of FREEDOM! 

I’m taking some time from Social Media (40 plus days) to reflect on all that I’ve learned in this season, most of it’s been about Jesus using people to teach me about me, but the word which still stands out and currently, still pricks my heart is DISCOUNT! 

But THANKFULLY, I’ve also been attending a local CHURCH since December 5th and Pastor JOE (Southeast Baptist) has purposely used the words DISPLAY and DEMONSTRATE so much in this season that any and all the ways DISCOUNT has been used and or applied to this my one life is slowly becoming irrelevant. 

But please also know : THE IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER STUDY (TIPS) continues with a super new closing date of Sunday April 30th, 2023! An all new and greatly improved MINING MANUSCRIPTS IN MAY 2.0 will hopefully and prayerfully be open for enrollment in 2023, some, shape, form or fashion!

Thanks YOU and have a great Spring and Summer!

Sonya McCllough Lockridge

Owner/Founder & CCO


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