POUR Through The Word Prayer Journal is $10 on AMAZON!


The Key Word Bible Studies POUR Through The Word Autumn Prayer Journal is now available on AMAZON! Get your $10 journal today at the link below:

Our Journals are designed to compel us to freely open the Holy Word of God and use the Word as our launching pad for our every day written prayers. 

For Example:
Our Father who ART in heaven, Thank you for all your many blessings, which include the very air we breathe out and the air we breathe in and the movement of each and every limb!
Lord, Thank YOU. You are a mighty GOD, Thank you for sending your one and only son JESUS, to save us from our very selves!
Thank you for the Holy Spirit, who comforts and cares for our needs. Lord, I pray that you would continue to POUR out blessings of HOPE like oil on the heads of all of your people who have the audacity to believe your one and only son Jesus Christ is our only HOPE for a new America and a New Jerusalem!
Lord, please forgive us in all the places and spaces where we fail thee. In the matchless name of Jesus, I pray! AMEN


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