7 Key Word Bible Study Tracks

7 Key Word Bible Study Tracks

Track 1 - Select the word you will study.
Track 2 - Find its English definition in the English dictionary.
Track 3 - Compare treatments of the word in the different translations.
Track 4 - Study the definition of the original word (Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic).
Track 5 - Discover where the word is used in the Bible.
A - How often does it occur?
B - In which books is it found?
C - In which book is it used most?
D - Where does the word first appear?
E - Where does it first appear in the book you are studying?
F - Which writers used the word?
Track 6 - Find the origin and root meaning of the word, how the word was used by the secular culture of the day.
Track 7 - Determine how the word was used in the Bible and how it would have been understood in the culture to which the Bible was originally addressed.


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