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Just Published! Through HIS Word by the Word: A Key Word Bible Studies Journal: Summer 2019

Just Published! Through HIS Word by the Word: A Key Word Bible Studies Journal: Summer 2019
(Coming in September) But know I, Waited two long days to get the reject notice from Amazon, not really sure WHY The Lord will not allow me to publish over there ... Lord, I surrender! But know, I love what I do but it AIN'T easy! And it ain't FREE to get books printed, shipped and delivered, so therefore they ain't FREE. I am super sad and super sorry, not sorry ... if you think ANYTHING worthy should be FREE. (Pivot) Salvation, ain't FREE either, it's just that the Good Lord allowed HIS one and only son JESUS to pay the cost on a cross called Calvary for the likes of YOU and me.

looking for contributors for our newly designed Key Word Bible Study Guides!

Key Word Bible Studies is no longer in a state of infancy! I am super excited to announce Key Word Bible Studies is looking for contributors for our newly designed Key Word Bible Study Guides. 
The individual purchase of a $5 Key Word Bible Study Jornal/Work Book is necessary to participate as a regular contributor.
If interested please e-mail  for a digital welcome packet. 

* Please Note: At this time this position as well as all others are unpaid.

Many (16) are called to purposefully create by the divine Spirit of God

Y'all I am super excited to report creativity is alive and well among Christians today. And as a matter of fact, a few other Bible Based Creative Companies call Tennessee their home as well. I will list the two of them first. Please enjoy reviewing the links below and know compiling this list has been no thing but my kind of fun!

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The Daily Key Word 11-14-18 MESSENGER!

The Daily Key Word 11-14-18
(Heb. - basar)
Hey y’all, our Daily Key Word for today is MESSENGER! “The Hebrew form of this word is used in 1 Samuel 4:17, Psalms 96:2, Jeremiah 20:15 as well as Isaiah 61:1. This Hebrew verb means to be the bearer of tidings, to preach or proclaim. Such announcements usually had to do with good news from the battlefield.” — KJV Word Study Bible
In the Book of Isaiah, Isaiah proclaims good tidings to the meek, broken-hearted and the captives. But in 1 Samuel 4:17, the messenger confirmed an earlier spoken truth of same day death of sons to Eli from a man of God. The man who brought tidings (knowledge of) his birth in the Book of Jeremiah is cursed by a weary Jeremiah. Psalms 96:2 reads Sing unto the Lord, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day. 
The truth ain’t always pretty! Because the message of The Lord may be death to some and life to many. To shew forth his salvation from day to day is to accept, acknowledge and adhere to the fact that…

48 Plus Keyword Bible Study Titles


Word Woman Wednesday

Word Woman Wednesday
The word SEED occurs 280 times in 254 verses of the KJV of the Bible and the word SEED has eight different meanings in the Hebrew and Greek translations of the Holy Word of God!

WORD OF THE DAY: {anoint}

I am somewhat surprised that the Hebrew verb mashach means to "anoint" to smear with oil. Surprised, as this process sounds less pretty than what I would have ever thought.