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She does much more than read truth everyday ... she studies truth until truth is embedded in her heart, mind, soul and spirit

She does much more than read truth everyday ... she studies truth until truth is embedded in her heart, mind, soul and spirit. She plants a vineyard of the word of truth in her heart which rekindles embers of the word of truth in her soul, now the everlasting sword of truth continues to fan the flames of fire. Not only does the sword of truth fan flames and create soul burning fires but it also cuts out and cuts down all the kudzu and the lies the enemy tries to use to create an unclean mind. She plants a vineyard of truth in her heart which is mind cleansing! Her spirit is renewed by rightly dividing the constant and continuous word of truth. (Repost from 1/20/18) The KWBS curriculum exists to study, serve, share and sustain women with The Holy Word of God! Our end goal is to help sustain women by employing them contractually to sell our products through Catalogs and Cases, which we have titled Catalog and Cases of Hope . According to our COVID ADJUSTED Business Plans our  SA
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A quick little mini photoshoot

We had a quick little mini photoshoot yesterday of the Online Version of 90 Days Through The Word Journal as we had it printed today for $13.00 with a 40 percent off (limited time) coupon at Office Depo . It’s around $20 or so without the coupon. It’s a BIG Writing Journal, 8.5 X11 - 110 pages, with vintage coffee cups staged on every black and white lined page! You know we despise writing up and downhill! We are so super excited this just for you offer is still a FREE & FIERCE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! Just check out the prior post for  Instant  Download LINKS!

ANNOUNCING! Fresh Forward & Fiercely Free Fridays!

Hey you guys, y'all! Today with much excitement we are ANNOUNCING: Fresh Forward & Fiercely Free Fridays! What that means is there will be FRIDAYS in the year 2021, where we have FREE products and services available for you right here on this site for FREE! And yes, there will be rules. But, let's get right to today's FREEBIES. Keep in mind these FREEBIES are designed and created  just for you. Also, keep in mind it's extremely costly to give stuff away, so please do not steal or our feelings will be extremely hurt and  the stealing will hinder our heart's ability to give stuff away! So, today we have two digital products for you to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE and we hope and pray these products will assist you with your journey with Jesus!  Just click on the pictured links below for your INSTANT FREE DOWNLOAD. Please also keep in mind these FREE DOWNLOADS usually expire at midnight on the FRIDAY of offering. Thank You So Very Much, and may our Father in Heaven continue

Power Through The Word Winter Prayer Journal

  Power Through The Word Winter Prayer Journal Hey y'all: Sonya here! With some help, I've. created a PRAYER JOURNAL which is a super easy helpful companion product for KWBS 90 Days Through The Word! It's also a great stand alone product. I'll be uploading the ONLINE VERSION with a link for you to grab and go .... right here on our Key Word Bible Studies site in the morning. This PRAYER JOURNAL has a place for us to record most all of our prayer concerns. We designed it to be a seasonal journal, so it is super lightweight. We also created daily, weekly and monthly lists for your prayer records. Let't be sure and stay on our Prayer Post for the duration.

Ministry BUSINESS: Year End Results

Ministry BUSINESS THANK YOU, Thank You for all of your LIKES, LOVE and SUPPORT!  Key Word Bible Studies is growing! She is no longer an INFANT and she has surpassed the BABY stages because of YOU! She is now a TODDLER and she experienced the tiny terrible twos in the mist of a noted World Wide Pandemic. But a TODDLER is what she is today! Our year end results provide clear evidence of her totting around and disrupting the world with the TRUTH of HIS WORD! We have many plans for 2021 but know we've learned to be more secretive and strategic in releasing studies and salon sprouts on the World Wide Web. Once again THANK YOU and may our Father in heaven continue to bless and keep you in his everlasting love.

The Power of Prayer

Hello There! My name is Sonya McCllough Lockridge and I am blessed to be the Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Key Word Bible Studies! I purchased this domain a few years ago, after two things:  much prayer in regards to publishing The One And Only Jesus 365 Day - Daily Devotional and a gift of twelve after Christmas dollars from my husband. Today, I am sharing the above photo of me in this fur trimmed hooded green coat to talk about the Power Of Prayer, what I like to call the POP! A prayer partner friend of mine gifted me with this coat moments after I prayed for a warm coat!  I've not only read and amassed a great number of books on prayer but I have experienced the POP consistently in this my one life. And I'm a GrandMother with two grown living on their own adult children, so the POP is a thing for me. Also, in real life I've served on the prayer committee and hosted weekly prayer meeting for a prayer saturated type of church ladies book club. Prayer is a breathin

Twenty One Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Seamlessly experience 90 Days Through The Word!

Twenty One Tips, Tricks and Techniques  to seamlessly  experience 90 Days Through The Word! Make a commitment to read through the Word in 90 Days Before you read, pray. Memorize a verse for this reading season. Make the time extra special, light a candle Prepare a place to read through the Word. Tithe at least one hour toward reading through the Word Extend yourself grace.  Plan on getting drowsy as soon as you start reading. Read at each meal time. If you get tired of reading LISTEN Set a reminder on your phone. Listen along while you read. Set your goal and then beat it. Stay committed and manage time. Have a great attitude and get into it.  Read normally. Take notes only if you need to. Look for an overarching theme while reading. Get the whole view in a short period of time before diving in deep. Use whatever translation you have. Write out Scripture that stands out to you or you want to remember.

90 Days Through The Word (Journal) FREE DOWNLOAD

Download 90 Days Through The Word Journal and join us as we experience the word of God in a 90 Day Fashion 1/1/2021 - 4/1/2021! FREE DOWNLOAD expires at midnight on FRIDAY January 8th, 2021!