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Pre-order The Start Anytime Edition of The One And Only Daily Devotional today!

Help us continue to forge the path and drink the CUP our Father has set before us by Pre-ordering The Start Anytime edition of The One And Only Daily Devotional today and start the second half of 2018 with his one and only Son. I took a stand for the word of our Lord by publishing The One And Only Daily Devotional December 15th, 2017. And on December 26th our Lord stunned me with the gift of Key Word Bible Studies. Since that time I have been on a continual search to understand the meaning of this beautiful gift. One day back in 2016, I found a 1926 edition of the Bible and in it are all the names of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. When I realized these names numbered more than three hundred and sixty-five, I set out to create a devotional with these names. But, in December, of last year the Holy Spirit guided me to remove and replace all of my words from the daily portion of the devotional, thus creating a daily journal for you to respond to the word of God in regards to WHO he is. Buy NOW and receive The Start Anytime Edition of  The One And Only Daily Devotional by July, 1st 2018!


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The Daily Key Word 11-14-18 MESSENGER!

The Daily Key Word 11-14-18
(Heb. - basar)
Hey y’all, our Daily Key Word for today is MESSENGER! “The Hebrew form of this word is used in 1 Samuel 4:17, Psalms 96:2, Jeremiah 20:15 as well as Isaiah 61:1. This Hebrew verb means to be the bearer of tidings, to preach or proclaim. Such announcements usually had to do with good news from the battlefield.” — KJV Word Study Bible
In the Book of Isaiah, Isaiah proclaims good tidings to the meek, broken-hearted and the captives. But in 1 Samuel 4:17, the messenger confirmed an earlier spoken truth of same day death of sons to Eli from a man of God. The man who brought tidings (knowledge of) his birth in the Book of Jeremiah is cursed by a weary Jeremiah. Psalms 96:2 reads Sing unto the Lord, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day. 
The truth ain’t always pretty! Because the message of The Lord may be death to some and life to many. To shew forth his salvation from day to day is to accept, acknowledge and adhere to the fact that…

The CSB Study Bible for Women: Beautiful Biblical Blessings, Blooms, Backgrounds, and Boundaries

The CSB Study Bible for Women is one Big Beautiful Bible! It weighs in at 2.629 pounds with a page count of two thousand two hundred and forty. If this Bible were a boxer I would place it in the cruiserweight division! Yes, this Bible is all that and a bag full of healthy style chips.

The CSB Study Bible for Women is mint green and cream in color, you might think of it’s coloring in terms of Pistachio Almond Ice Cream.

So, if you are like me and you crave the sweet and salty truth of the WORD of the Lord, this Bible is for you. 

The CSB Study Bible for Women is full of the time tested truth of Biblical WOMANHOOD. The writers share basic foundational truths from The judgement on the Woman (Genesis) to The Beauty of the Woman (1 Peter). These Biblical truths are essential and necessary corners of the ring to sit in, while preparing to stand and step back into the ring.

The CSB Study Bible for Women is no thing but a Blessing and somewhat of a Beautiful Highly Trained Boxing Referee. I…

Cases of HOPE! Meets The Price is Right!

Cases of HOPE! Meets The Price is Right!
Look what I found! But know I am in need of a building or a barn to house about 99 of these puppies. Sterilite Footlocker, Fuchsia Supreme. #casesofhope