A season of infancy

Key Word Bible Studies is in a season of infancy and I am Thankful for this gift and for all the love and support the Good Lord has allowed to come my way. Once a season of discovery or incubation has ended all babies need the proper continued nutrition to mature and grow to be all God has called them to be. Some say they need not know more about the power of prayer as it is pride that keeps us from praying. But, please know all my creative power comes directly from a posture of continued prayer to the one and only Jesus who knows all things. It was and is this same Jesus that placed the words Key Word Bible Studies into my spirit. The spirit of our Lord is a creative force and if we truly desire to point mountains of flesh into the path of the one and only Jesus we need to cultivate this gift through Biblical Study like nobody's business. 
This week, our Father has placed pages and persons directly in my life to speak to the practice of TITHING and FIRSTFRUITS and know I believe this lesson will continue into next week. 
I hope and pray our Father's continual blessings on this your one life and may we be so awestruck by His promised plan of presence, power, provision, protection, and perspective that we have no choice but to daily stand and declare HIS most Holy and Mighty name.


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