"The SANCTUARY of SECRETS in SEPTEMBER" Key Word Bible Study (Introduction)

The Key Word Method of message preparation and outlining is not a new thing, it's just a thing I've focused on for a number of years. It all started with a Bible Study Fellowship Seminar in which the homiletical method of Bible Study was presented. My favorite homiletical teacher Donald Hamilton states that the "Key Word Method proves to be the most useful, once it is mastered" The Key Word Method requires at least two parallel ideas in the text that are related one to the other. The typical Key Word Method of study requires at least twelve steps. But, as u·su·al I have added several steps to my Key Word Study Method. The steps I've added is basically the research of similar and or like words amid the Hebrew and Greek Biblical language.

Let's get started!

If you have any questions, please note them in the comments and I will reply ASAP.

"The SANCTUARY of SECRETS in SEPTEMBER" Study has at least two surprising parallel ideas which are SECRETS and SANCTUARY.

I use Biblegateway to determine the number of times a particular WORD or WORDS are used in the King James Version of the Bible.

The root word SECRET occurs at least 93 times in the Holy Word of God.
And the Key Word SANCTUARY is found in the text 132 times.

ELUL » (The sixth month (September)

The Key Word SECRET has at least 33 entries in the Strong’s Concordance! Now I’m excited. But, you might want to check my math, thus the reason I speak in at least terms.

How many times is the key Word SANCTUARY listed in the Strong's Concordance?

Now, that we've isolated our WORDS, we will Let's spend today and tomorrow reading each and every occurrence of our selected WORD within the text. 

Please also note the book and or books in the Bible the key Words are used, how often and how little!


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