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Rebuilding Biblical Foundations in 2020: A Year Long Study of Genesis 1 - Day 5 Week 4/53 : HEAVEN

We made it! It's Friday and Friday means that it is Day 5 of our Key Word Bible Study! This week went by so fast that it's crazy! So, I have a question for you! Is Heaven A Place on EarthBelinda Carlisle seams to think it is or shall I say sings to think it is. Once again in my study of the Key Word Heaven, I spotted yet another Key Word phrase or two which surprised me. Stars of heaven is mentioned in the entirety of The Holy Word of God at least thirteen times. From Genesis to The Book of Revelation, Stars of Heaven! 

Our Weekly Weekend Wrap Up is set for Tomorrow, Saturday January 25th and on Monday the 27th day of January we begin the study of our 5th Key Word, which is EARTH!

Thank You for you and may our Lord continue to bless and keep the all of you.


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