START STUDYING THE BIBLE Today by showing up at an in person or online Worship Services with:

1. A listening ear
2. Paper and pen in hand
3. Willingness to recognize, receive and record.
4. A Bible 

Pray for the Lord to show you something special and listen expectantly for a personal revelation.

Tip: Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable as discomfort is an asset to the study of the word. 

Please feel free and foster no shame in the regular use of the Table of Contents in the Bible. This is super not a Youth Bible drill. We will most likely not receive a grade. Absolutely no money will be save or earned. Pretty pictures and our artful illustrations are a distraction and a deterrent to meaningful study of HIS Word. Keep a notepad or journal handy to record personal thoughts. There is no extended warranty coverage for years of study , this is an joyous endless love lifelong personal and practical process of alignment and or realignment of our hearts to the heart of the Godhead. Our sure reward as believers in the one and only Jesus is a closer walk  with thee plus eternity.


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