On the cover of this little sprout of book sits my beautifully handsome husband. One day many years ago, before he met me, he found his purpose of chopping wood. The chopping of wood lead him first to the FIRE. The chopping of wood lead him to the FIELD. The continual chopping of wood has lead him to much FOOD, FAMILY, FISHING, FESTIVALS and FUN.

We can trust finding our purpose will lead us directly to our next right thing. But know, It's not all entirety about the evolution of self, it's more about the everyday, every hour obedience to the Holy Spirit.

Once we find our PURPOSE we must be planted in our God ORDAINED assignment like an old oak tree. We must stand tall and steadfast in any and all storms which come our way. Some days our charge will be to stand in the heat. Some days our mission may require us to stand with snow covered limbs. Yet, there will be days when the rain drenches our positions. But stand, sleep, slumber and sit in our purpose is what we are called to do. We must also trust the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob to continually fund and fulfill our purpose.

Once we find our PURPOSE, the FUTURE, although it may appear bleak, always, always holds a glimmer of HOPE, so continue to hold on to tight to the handle of the shovel and enjoy the digging as we will speed the next forty days deep in the field of finding, funding and fulfilling our purpose.


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