Why PASSOVER Matters To Believes (Keep The Passover Kit)

The KWBS Salon Sprout, Why PASSOVER Matters To Believes by Sonya McCllough Lockridge is the principal product in the speciality designed Keep The Passover Kit!

The Key Word Bible Studies MARCH Salon Sprout is based on the Key Word "Passover". The key word Passover is found in the KJV of the Biblical text some 72 times in both the Old and the New Testaments. It's also very amazing and interesting to note many modern day Jewish families have adopted the old Negro spiritual "Go Down Moses" as their Passover Anthem. Plus April 4th, marks a moment in 1969 where Jews And African-Americans began to Build A Tradition Together, better know as The Freedom Seder. Hopefully, I've explained all this and more in this book: Why Passover Matters To Believers.


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