Should Christians Celebrate the Feast of Trumpets? 

The Key Word Trumpet is located in the King James Version of the Holy Word of God, some one hundred and four times. The Book of 2 Chronicles and The Book of Revelation contains the most mentions in the OT and NT respectively. The Hebrew meaning of TRUMPET is sho-far' (H7782). And the Greek meaning of TRUMPET is sal-pid'-zo (G4537

The Feast of Trumpets begins today at sundown! Below, please find some questions worth considering when thinking of The Feast of Trumpets. You can discover, all of the answers to the questions below, over at Bible Study Tools. 

Please also note an additional resource at the bottom of this post.

  1. What Is the Feast of Trumpets?
  2. When Is the Feast of Trumpets?
  3. What was the purpose of The Feast of Trumpets?
  4. Who ordained the Feast of Trumpets?
  5. When was the Feasts of Trumpets first spoken of?
  6. What group of people were called to The Feasts of Trumpets?
  7. What does Rosh Hashana mean?
  8. What group of people celebrate Rosh Hashana?
  9. What three things might blowing the trumpet mean during the yearly Feast of Trumpets?
  10. Should Christians Celebrate the Feast of Trumpets? 


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