When the message meets the messenger: Reoccupy Church


What I wrote on FACEBOOK, this morning:

This year the Good Lord has been Faithful in directing my PRAYFUL attention to a number of things, number one being my not so GENTLE & LOWLY heart and number two being CHURCH. 

The list goes on and on, it's been a full on LEARNING SEASON.

So, as 2021 winds down, expect these three things to become more prevalent in my posting. 

Also, please know The Good Lord has been Faithful in moving me in walking distance to Southeast Baptist Church, where I was once a Faithful, Active and Loved member. Know, the later part of the prior statement is still true and the author and creator of TIME will prayerfully see to the Faithful and Active part, with, my heart in full cooperation, I trust HE WILL DO IT.

I hope and pray, your personal, in person addition to a local assembly of BELIEVERS of the dead, buried and resurrected KING OF KINGS, also know as the one and only JESUS is a noted and note-worthy priority in this your one life.

It's almost RESOLUTION time in America!



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