Salon Sprouts: Read Through The Word Study Survey (FREE)

Happy New Year!

I'm not sure if you know it or not, but I'm a big proponent of reading through the Holy Word of God in ninety days. I did it once and my life is forever changed! But, we just moved into the Cottage Condo and my life is so, not organized enough to read through the Holy Word of God in ninety days, this year! Plus, one day, last year I discovered Robert Murray M‘Cheyne Calendar For Reading Through The Word of God in A Year and right then and there, knowing we were moving, I decided WHY NOT. 

So, this year, one of my many goals is to read through the Word of God in a Year. The fact that it is already January 9th has nothing to do with nothing, a year can still be a year.

Three years ago I created, what I have now titled Salon Sprouts: Read Through The Word Study SurveySo, this year I have gathered them all together to form a journal of sorts and today I am sharing this journal with you. 

The Word of God says we need to be diligent to present ourselves approved, so this journal is a tool we can use as evidence of our reading, for we never desire to just call out words, just to say we have read a thing, but evidence of our reading will one day later be an encouragement to ourselves and maybe even others.

I hope and pray, you find this tool useful and necessary in your daily reading of The Holy Word of God.

The Good News is, this tool may be used for any length of Bible Reading, be it a year or ninety days.

Just click the notebook image above for an absolutely FREE INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!


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