We need not discernment when folks present themselves naked on the back of an animal. We need not pray about our participation in whoredom. We need not search the Holy Word of God for evidence to justify that which is obvious unholy! It’s so not a wisdom issue if’s a whoredom issue. The body (physical temple) of an individual may be bought and sold in more than one manner. I super love the King James Version of the Holy Word of God as it has a tendency to call a thing exactly as it is. I get that many of you prefer to polk fun of all of the THOUS and THEES but in between all of those many directives the key word WHORE or WHOREDOM can be found more than ninety times. 

Now, let me just ask you, do we actually need to have a sit down and search the scriptures to learn and discover how our FATHER which art in heaven, really feels about WHOREDOM or do we quite simply already know?


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