CHURCH: A soldier’s perspective (King David)


CHURCH: a soldier’s perspective

Thoughts from an active sinner turned soldier in the army of the Lord, with 55 years of experience as a sent non member and now a settled member of the body of Christ.

Feet on the fair ground Soldiers of Christ Jesus are often wounded on the battlefield, as the trenches are generally testing and treacherous on this side of eternity!

Just ask King David!

We Soldiers in the Army of the Lord, stay SUITED UP in the everyday prescribed by PAUL, ARMOR of God, trusting and knowing darkness may present itself at any given moment in an effort to extinguish the light of the one and only Jesus in this our one life.

Therefore, we keep much oil in our lamps, to light the way around the body drenched battlefield, of housed hunger, hurt plus horror amidst the heart and hope of any day healing.

We soldiers are somewhat shameless of our wounds of the battlefield for these wounds speak, sit, stand and slumber as a testament of enveloped articles of evidence of being an active and compassionate member of the body of Christ!

We soldiers expect the battle not to be of flesh and blood, for the principalities they do exist and although we are sometimes stunned, we soldiers are never surprised!

Now, this is only a soldier’s perspective!

There are many other perspectives to consider such as that of the Servant, the Saint, the Shepherd, the Stranger, the Straggler, the Sojourner, the Seeker, the Sufferer, the Singer and of course the Sheep!

I'll be addressing the others tomorrow!


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