Concerning The Bride of Christ at Christmas


Who I am today is a sent, settled solider in the Army of the Lord!

They didn’t write that song for nothing!
I would not be who I am today without being enlightened, equipped, encouraged, educated, and evangelized by people from and in the CHURCH!
After returning to the states from Europe, our Wives Club Mother had the audacity to SEND us to a Southern Baptist CHURCH in walking distance from our house in Rantoul I’ll.
It was 1968 and our Mother strengthened by the European culture SENT her four children walking down the street and around the corner to a CHURCH for VBS!
Although, we were back in the states, Daddy had been SENT to Vietnam again and I have no doubt, the SENDING us to VBS was a part of their predetermined parenting plan!
My initial public exposure to the gospel was at a Vacation Bible School at this CHURCH fifty-five years ago.


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