Back in January of 2018, I started the CAN DO CHALLENGE and at some point in the Spring of 2020, I created the 90 Days Through The Word Journal! But know, I likely may not have read Through The Word from cover to cover, if I had not joined  the Leading and Loving it Ladies in their Read The Bible In 90 Days Challenge, the summer of 2016. 

This, may not be your story, but it's my story and I joy to share with anyone who will listen the difference reading through the entirety of the WORD has made in this my one life. 

I created the 90 Days Through The Word Journal, as a super quick bound note pad to record questions and thoughts, we may have as we read through the word in a ninety day fashion. The pages are lined, but not dated and there are more than ninety pages in the journal, as it actually took me one hundred and five days to read through the WORD.

Click on the image above for a really free instant download of the 90 Days Through The Word Journal and being your journey of recording your questions and throughs while reading through the WORD today!

Click on the image above as The 90 Days Through The Word Journal  is also available for purchase in a printed fashion on Amazon!


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