Possession: Through The Word Summer Prayer Journal


To pray scripture, one simply turns the verse into a prayer. 

Our Through The Word Prayer Journals are designed to compel us to freely open the Holy Word of God and use the WORD as a launching pad for our every day written prayers. We are elated and excited to offer: POSSESSION Through The Word SUMMER Prayer Journal to you today as a FREE PRINTABLE INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Click on the image below or the link above to download!

POSSESSION: Through The Word SUMMER Prayer Journal is available (FREE PRINTABLE INSTANT DOWNLOAD)! Just download, print and place the pages in a binder and you are ready to record your everyday prayers and praises! 

Each journal is designed and formatted in a ninety day seasonal fashion. The summer journal easily covers the months of July, August and September! A new Autumn prayer journal is in the works for Autumn 2024, or you may select and purchase a preprinted journal from our collection, over on AMAZON!


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